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The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a Hash or Run.A common denominal verb for this activity is Hashing, with participants calling themselves Hashers.Male members are referred to as Harriers, which females are known as Hariettes.Children (and those who act like children) are commonly. The Hash House Harriers is an international non-competitive running / drinking / social club that was started by a few British expatriates at the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938.The three tenets of hashing are: a) to promote physical fitness, b) to acquire a good thirst, and c) to satisfy it with beer CANTAB HASH HOUSE HARRIERS. A drinking club with a running problem This motley crew of drinkers with a running problem meets every Monday at 7pm at the The Old Spring. Fitness levels vary from the Seriously Athletic to those who are looking for a short cut home by the time they reach the end of the street

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Edmonton Hash House Harriers A Drinking Club with a Running Problem We are a social group that goes out for a non-competitive run (or walk) and afterwards enjoy a beer. We go everywhere, on trails, roads, creeks, hills, and sometimes even through an LRT station. We use a system of marks that keeps the group together regardless of ability A Drinking Club with a Running Problem. Home. Home; Upcumming Runs; Contact Us; Gallery; FAQ; Cummittee; WET SEASON TOUR DE PISS; Aussie Nash Hash 2021; Map Unavailable; All upcumming runs; Since 1993. Top End Hash House Harriers. Drinkers with a Running Problem, we run Thursday nights at 6pm. in the Darwin, Palmerston and Rural area. If. The Algarve Hash House Harriers - the drinking club with a running problem. We meet every week of the year to run/walk, socialise and explore new areas of Portugal's beautiful Algarve. If you want to get fit, meet new friends and are game for a laugh why not come and join us

Welcome to Milton Keynes Hash House Harriers If your not sure what Hashing is, we say it is a drinking club with a running problem. We are not a dedicated running club, but more a social group that likes to do a some running Bahrain Hash House Harriers or BH3 is a Bahrain's first Drinking club with a running problem! We are part of an international group of non-competitive running social clubs called Hash House Harriers. Beer stop at Cyprus Taverna. What is Hashing about? Hashing is all about walking/ running on a trail Barbados Hash House Harriers. The drinking club with a running problem! HASH #2053. DATE: November 14, 2020 TIME: All hashers are asked to arrive by 3:00 pm so that TEMPERATURE CHECKS can be administered and to permit REGISTRATION BEFORE the run at 3:30 p

Go To The Hash is the biggest, best, and most complete resource to find any hashes not listed here. West Coast, USA. Los Angeles Hash House Harriers - Hash House Harriers of Southern California is the one page to go to for the 20-plus kennels in the Los Angeles area. San Diego Hash House Harriers - links to all the hashes in the San Diego area LV Hash November 28, 2020 at 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm; Next Dayton Event. Saturday Hash November 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm - 7:07 pm; Next Queen City Event. QCH4 #78 November 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Mystery Hare and WCD. Details to follow. Next Miami Valley Event. No upcoming events. SWOT. No upcoming event

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The Hash House Harriers is an International running club that has been around since 1938. They were started by a group of British military officers and expats living in Malaysia at the time who started meeting every Monday afternoon to exercise off the excess from the weekend before : Hash MOOSIC Songs : Help For Hares YH3 - Newsletter sign up YH3 & FMH3 are currently on hiatus, due to the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in Yangon. The socal distancing hash will return once the things are safer #staysafe General Info about YH3: The Yangon Hash House Harriers (YH3) meets every Saturday afternoon a Running with the Hash House Harriers also known as 'Hashing or H3' is a sociable and fun way to run with a group which keeps mixed ability runners together. 'Hashing' began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1930s, when a group of British colonial officia ls and expats founded a running club called the Hash House Harriers Running in and around Sembach Air Base, near Kaiserlautern in the German Rheinland. Includes a schedule, contacts, photos and information about running with the club The drinking club with a running problem! Old Coulsdon Hash House Harriers run every week, alternating Sunday mornings (11 am) and Monday evenings (7.30 pm). We run mainly in the east Surrey, south London and north-west Kent areas. All ages are welcome. Runs cost £2,.

From the 1938 charter of the Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers: To promote physical fitness among our members; To get rid of weekend hangovers; To acquire a good thirst and satisfy it in beer; To persuade our older members that they are not as old as they fee It only takes half a mind to hash, so come out and join us! The history of the Hash House Harriers goes back to 1938, and hash groups exist in most cities in the world. The Other Orlando Hash House Harriers have been running every week since 1986, a total of over 1800 hashes The Greater Springfield Harriers, Inc., is an athletic club focused on the specific sports of track and field, cross country, long distance running (particularly road races), and race walking

Seattle-Area Hash House Harriers A Drinking Club with a Running Problem. Welcome to the home of hashing in the greater Seattle area. Find the next event on our calendar! Here are the groups represented on this site: Seattle area renegade party hash (periodically) Hungry Hungry H BDSaMateur Beer Beijing Beijing HHH Beixinqiao Björn Again Blow Harder Boxer Boxer H3 Boxer HHH Charity China Churn me on Cum in my Brum Cums 4 Seconds Dazed & Confused Dongzhimen Dry Hole Feature Finger My Dough FOYW Full Moon Fullmoon Hash House Harriers Hash Social Hash Trash HHH Jishuitan Kiddie Poo Liangmaqiao Moose Knuckles MoreMen Nash Hash Not Tonight Outdoors Paddy O'shea's Pickle. Brighton Hash is a running and drinking club that meets every Monday at 19:30 for a 19:40 start (unless stated below). Bring a torch in winter! Runs start from a different pub in the Brighton vicinity weekly. We follow a trail of chalk and paper, usually taking just over an hour to complete London Hash House Harriers. London H3 was the first London hash, and is still going strong with an average pack size of 31. Currently we are running on weekends, meeting at noon. In summer we run on Monday evenings, meeting at 7 PM. Each trail is from a different location, all accessible by tube or train. News & Announcement

Elevate your run with Swiss-engineered performance gear. Unmatched on feeling and fun. Find your perfect On. Millions of runners already have theirs. Let us help you find yours The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash, hash run or simply hashing, with participants calling themselves hashers and harriers or hariettes History. Hashing. The Winnipeg Hash House Harriers (WH3) is a running club (Kennel) based upon the Hash House Harriers, a world-wide group first formed in Singapore in 1938. We run in and around Winnipeg, MB on Monday evenings (7pm) in the summer and Sunday afternoons (3pm) during the winter Welcome to the homepage of the Miami Hash House Harriers. The best way to experience your first hash is to just show up and say hello. Make sure to bring a whistle, flashlight and wear clothes you are comfortable running or walking in and don't mind getting dirty, wet or destroyed. The Phoenix area Hash House Harriers has kennels who meet every Monday, some Tuesdays, Wednesdays, some Thursdays, most Saturdays, Full Moons, one Sunday per We are a drinking club with a running problem. We are the ones who pass out beer at the 24th mile of marathons and yes, that was us you saw on TV having a great time and doing.

Hash Hymnal; Hash Marks; Friends. Atwater Running Club; Bad Decisions Track Club; Detroit Downtown Runners; Run Woodstock; Running Fit; Wolverine Beer; Hash Boy Comics. HASH BOY Comics; Hashes. Cherry Capital Hash House Harriers; Cleveland Hash House Harriers; Columbus -Renegade Hash House Harriers; Columbus Hash; Grand Rapids Hash House Harriers The drinking club with a running problem. This Week's Run. Cum, run with the greatest Hash in the world, every Sunday without fail. Hares off at 14:00. On-On. Become a Hare. China Hash Hares, are the elite of the elite. China Hash House Harriers Taiwan . The Drinking Club with a Running Problem Drinking Club with a Running Problem-Founded in 1975 and one of the oldest in Europe. Drinking Club with a Running Problem-Founded in 1975 and one of the oldest in Europe. Zagreb Hash House Harriers / Harriet's. Search. Primary Menu Skip to content. History of Hash House Harriers The Hash House Harriers are a drinking club with a running problem and is the world's largest disorganisation. Our runs follow the pattern of a 'hare & hounds' where one or more persons known as the hares mark a trail to be followed by the rest of the participants. The first Hash club was founded in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since then.

KAOHSIUNG HASH HOUSE HARRIERS. THE DRINKING CLUB WITH A RUNNING PROBLEM. NEXT RUNS: October 10 - All Island Run (AIR) - 1:00pm. More Info. October 17 - Saturday Afternoon - 1:00pm. More Info. SEE MORE EVENTS. SEE 2020 SCHEDULE. WELCOME TO THE KAOHSIUNG HASH. The Kaohsiung chapter of the Hash House Harriers was founded on September 16, 1973 The Henfield Hash House Harriers is a non-competitive, social running club, which was started on 29th October 2001 and normally run in and around the Henfield area once a month on a Sunday, starting at around mid-day. Hash trails are between 3-5 miles Holmfirth Harriers is one of the largest athletics clubs in Yorkshire.Based at the Neiley Pavillion, Honley. Established in 1907 Synopsis: Brief description of running club hash runs and use of white powder to mark routes during these runs. Details: Local law enforcement and Hazardous Material Response Teams have received calls concerning a white powder substance that has been found on streets of some cities in significant amounts A hash blends running with orienteering as groups of hounds chase a chalk hare across city and country, Infamously known as the Hash House Harriers, the original club members set out to

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  1. Copenhagen Hash House Harriers runs every week of the year, on Saturday afternoons in the winter (October to March) and Monday evenings in the summer (April to September) Details of the next 4 runs are shown here, if you want to see more run dates, visit our Runlist
  2. A drinking club with a running problem. Run #650! Matso's Brewery - 60 Hamersley Street, Broome 17:45 for 18:00 This weeks run celebrates 650 of the best and will start and end at Broomes iconic Matso's
  3. Members of this club joke that it's a drinking club with a running problem, but believe it or not, it's a great place to stay fit
They came from far and wide for the Harvel 5 race – as

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Amsterdam Hash House Harriers (AH3) is one of the nearly 2,000 hash 'kennels' around the world. Hope you're not disappointed, but 'hashing' has nothing to do with Amsterdam's infamous coffeeshops. We are with non-drinkers and walkers always welcome When: Thursday, 01 October, 2o2o What: It's that time of year again! Time to vote on the next Mismanagement team! Why: Be part of the reflections of our past, and take part in the longest running experiment of true democrazy, the formation of a new organising committee for the coming Year of 2020-2021 of the Zurich Hash House Harriers We are Plympton Hash House Harriers, based in Plymouth, Devon. A Hashing Club established in September 1982. PH3 meet every Sunday, TITs every Thursday, to follow a trail laid in chalk, sawdust or flour by the nominated Hare. Running PlymptonH3 or TITs trails is optional but the social drinking that follows is obligatory In 1978 he initiated and founded the Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club, one of the largest and most successful athletic associations in Canada. In 1980, he initiated, founded and ran the first Harriers Pioneer 8K Road Race, a popular event that celebrated its 41st anniversary this year A men's only kennel that has been running every Monday near Perth, Western Australia since 16 February 1970. Schedules, contacts, members, and photos

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Welcome to the website of the Warsaw Hash House Harriers, otherwise known as the WH3! Established in 1983, the WH3 has run more than 1400 times. The WH3 is not a serious running club - those who want to run do so, but many of us just stroll around the trails at our own lazy pace The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as Hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social, and drinking clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a Hash or Hash Run, with participants calling themselves Hashers Welcome to Christchurch Hash House HarriersChristchurch, New Zealand. We were Founded on 12 November 1979 by Rub Me Knob, General Teeth, Human Dynamo and Great Uncle Bulgaria. We are a mixed hash with an average size pack of 20 and run every Monday at 6.30pm from different locations around the city.Runs cater for walkers, joggers [

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Our kennel is one of the many hash groups that belong to the world's most eccentric running club, the Hash House Harriers. The Hash House Harriers is a more social version of Hare and Hounds, where you join a pack of hounds (the runners) to chase down the trail set by the hare or hares (other runners), then gather together at the On In for a. Welcome to the East Grinstead Hash House Harriers Running Club! The East Grinstead Hash House Harriers were founded on April 5, 1982 by Tim Waller and Dave Robb. Known as 'The Civilised Hash' EGH3 has gained a well deserved reputation for practicing the finer points of hashing Pattaya Hash House Harriers, a mixed hash running every Monday since 1984, was the first in Pattaya.So join us for a little running or walking and a drop or two of the Amber Nectar. We have serious runners, joggers, strollers and the barely ambulatory so there is always a group to suit your hashing style.. We meet every Monday on 3rd Road in front of the Buffalo Bar close to Soi Lengke and. ONE of the first non-competitive social running clubs formed in Australia has reached a major milestone, with the Hobart Hash House Harriers celebrating its 50th anniversary We are a harriers club rather than a running club as the trails we follow are on roads, paths, park, paddock and beach, and indeed try to be off road as much as possible. We are non-competitive, and with our cunningly laid trails, the idea is that everyone should get back about the same time

The Hash House Harriers (H3) is a drinking club with a running problem — or, more specifically, an international group of noncompetitive running clubs that enjoy socialization and drinking before, during and after their runs. We Hash on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month unless otherwise noted Saipan's drinking club with a running problem, since 1984 Show up at the Bank of Guam parking lot in Garapan, ( if you see this view, you're in the right spot ) across from the Hard Rock guitar , at 4:00 in the summer (3:30 in the winter) Hashing every Tuesday from a pub in the Malvern are North Wilts Hash House Harriers, NWH3. Runs every Sunday. A drinking club with a running problem. Moonraker runs fortnightly on a Wednesda The goal of this club is to promote competitive running within the Houston running community therefore, first and foremost, training & competition will be emphasized. The Houston Harriers has been re-organized with the help of Doug Storey and the history and traditions of the club will remain as key tenets going foward

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But this running group isn't like your traditional track-runs-twice-a-week, non-competitive running club. The Hash House Harriers has become an international phenomenon, growing to nearly 2,000 chapters across the globe in 1,304 cities and 185 countries. However, the message is the same in all languages Welcome to the Madrid chapter of the worldwide Drinking Club with a Running Problem. If you can Run, Stagger, Walk or Crawl then you are qualified to join this international group of men and women of all ages who meet weekly to partake in a little exercise and quench their subsequent thirst with the amber nectar Hash House Harriers a drinking club with a running problem. The Boston Hash House Harriers present. Boston H3's - The Flying 'Marathon' Circus. April 17 - 20, 2020. Strange women lying in ponds distributing beer, is no basis for a major event! Do we care? NO The Hash House Harriers is a huge international Drinking Club with a Running Problem. We call ourselves Hashers and what we do Hashing. The name derives from the expression Hash House, which means divey restaurant/bar (where Hashers often meet).

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Harvel Hash House Harriers a drinking club with a running problem Main Menu. Home; Have you seen us out running? Harvel Hash House Harriers Contact: h5.race.committee@gmail.com It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.. Austin Hash House Harriers. A drinking club with a running problem doing trails around Austin, Texas on Sunday afternoon

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Welcome to the online home of the Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers. We are an ADULT social club of beer drinkers with a running problem. CTrH3, AKA, The Trash, has been laying trail and causing general debauchery in Fayetteville, North Carolina since 1984 Bike Hash - Sunday, 8/2 July 28, 2020 July 31, 2020 Leave a comment Bike Hash Update for August 2: Heards Mountain Ride This will be a prelube for Fanny's run on Aug. 5, so lube your bikes and let's ride on Sunday, August 2

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Manx Harriers is the largest athletics club on the Isle of Man with over 300 members based in our own clubhouse at the National Sports Centre - the home of Manx sport. Club activities include road running, cross country, track and field, race walking, trail running and jogging. Read mor We are a friendly athletics club based in Wantage & Grove, Oxfordshire. We have around 200 members of all abilities and ages spanning from 'Year 6' well into retirement. We coach youngsters, encouraging beginners to get jogging, explore trails through Oxfordshire's beautiful countryside as well as competing in Sportshall, Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country and Ultras Survivor Hash House Harriers *Survivor H3 Regarding COVID-19* SurvivorH3 will hold trails as allowed by social distancing recommendations and following any orders of bodies governing the trail area

Estás en la página oficial del Hash House Harriers de Uruguay, o como dice su slogan a drinking club with a running problem. Te invitamos a visitar nuestra página y a contactarte con nosotros, sea por ésta vía o directamente asistiendo a nuestros HASH RUNS, carreras no competitivas, abiertas a todo público, que siempre terminan con un brindis y con la mejor buena onda Haslemere Hash House Harriers, H3, is a social, non competitive running club that meets the first Sunday of each month. A trail is set with flour or sawdust

The Phnom Penh chapter of the drinking club with a running problem; the Hash House Harriers Do you have to have half a mind to join this drinking club with a running problem Participants call themselves the Hanoi Hash House Harriers. There is no membership, just show up on a Saturday. What The runs are set with dots of flour and are generally around 2 hours. A beer stop and hash-holds are normally part of the run. Where Most runs are set within one and a half hour drive from Hanoi

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Taichung Hash House Harriers A Drinking Club With a Running Problem. Hash Disclaimer (Literally, The Fine Print) Unfortunately, due to the nanny state mentality that has been promoted around the world, the following needs to be said: All Hash activities are undertaken at the individual's own risk Welcome to Grenada Hash House Harriers. We are an enthusiastic group of drinkers with a running problem that meet every Saturday afternoon for a fun walk or run in different locations around Grenada. Grenada Hash House Harriers is one of the largest hash groups in the world and have between 150 and 300 regular runners and Read Mor Gympie Hash House Harriers. Gympie H3 is a mixed club that runs every Monday night from 1800. There are usually between 20 to 30 runners and walkers. Contact GM: Touch Up Ph: 07 5484 3057 or Band Aid Mob: 0488 320 612 Email (click

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An Ecuadorian Drinking Club (With a Running Problem) An Ecuadorian Drinking Club (With a Running Problem) An Ecuadorian Drinking Club (With a Running Problem) Join Us on Facebook. Hold Our Beer and Watch This. Welcome to Cuena Alpacas, Ecuador's only active Hash House Harriers group. We meet twice a month for Hash runs, once on the night of the. Hash Info with run start details. Hash House Harriers in Hawaii: Hash Clubs. Oahu (*Monthly) Honolulu (H5) (Tue) Aloha H3 (Sat) Harriettes H3 (Sun)* Volcano H3 (Var) Full Moon H3 (Var)* Big Island Kona Coast H3 (Sat) Kaua Petaling Hash House Harriers (PH3) - the biggest and best Saturday hash in the Klang Valley (Malaysia). A drinking club with a runnng problem. a) The objective of the hash is to provide all members and guests with approximately 75-90 minutes of interesting running over varied terrain, with the entire pack finishing within 30 minutes of each.

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Hash Cash For a mere $5.00, you can enjoy the running and the refreshments. 'Virgins' new to Hashing are free the first hash. The Beer Generally there is a Beer Check during the run and always at the end. Hidden under the beer are soft drinks and water for the ill adjusted. After The Ru Want to become a member of SE Wyoming's largest and most active running club? Click to Join HPH online or Click Here to Download an Application Gobble Wobble 5K results are posted The Hash House Harriers (abreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as Hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social, and drinking clubs. An event organised by a club is known as a Hash or Hash Run, with participants calling themselves Hashers.. At our Hash, one or more members (Hares) lay a trail (with blobs of flour), which is then followed by the remainder of the.

Wyre Forest Hash House Harriers Blog: The ViaductGrenada Hash House HarriersRed Dress Run Photos 2018 – EdmONtON Hash House HarriersThe Subversive Joy of a Late-Night Hash Run in New York

The Hash House Harriers are an international network of running and socializing clubs based around the traditional English sport of Hare and Hounds, also known as a paper chase. The pack of runners pursue a trail that has been laid in advance, using chalk or flour, by the Hare Hash in the buff. Buffalo Hash House Harriers. A drinking club with a running problem. BEER / RUN Herts Hash House Harriers Home Page . A Drinking Club with a Running Problem? Official Website . Updated 05/11/20. Due to Covid-19 restrictions - we are suspending Herts Hash Trails until December! Due to the current Government Covid-19 Lockdown rules we will be suspending Herts Hash House Harriers Trails until December TUNBRIDGE WELLS HARRIERS. A senior and veteran trail, cross country and road running club in the South East of Englan

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